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Contact by Email — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Lianne, I would like to buy a 4″ bababerry plant from you. I live in Culver City, Ca. I am just wondering how much a 4″ bababerry plant will cost me including shipping & handling by us priorty mail since I can’t drive right now. Helen Liu

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. When locally picked up, I sell my 4″ Baba Raspberry plants for $6 each. I primarily just do local pick ups because shipping is pretty cost prohibitive and time consuming for me, plus it takes about an hour of my time away from my other responsibilities. It involves making up the paypal invoice, carefully packing the plant, and then getting it off to the post office. I do not operate a retail nursery and only grow a few dozen extra Bababerry plants each year. I am usually sold out of everything I propagate by the time we have my neighborhood’s late Spring yard sale. Nevertheless, I have started shipping Bababerries when requested because I do understand there are others outside of my area looking for these plants and they are not always able to get them. Depending on distance from me, expect the total transaction to cost between $15 to about $20 for one 4 inch plant. Contact me for a quote based on zip code. I don’t ship the gallon size ones.

    The cost includes S & H using USPS Priority shipping based on zip code and weight, a paypal transaction fee, and a small fee for the extra time involved with shipping. Please be aware, since I am not a nursery retailer, I don’t offer any warranty or guarantee on shipped plants. A heat wave, being locked in a postal truck all day, or being left in the direct sun on a porch all day, can kill a shipped plant that was perfectly healthy when leaving Hanbury House. As long as the weather stays cool between me and the shipped location, I will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, to insure the plants don’t get stuck in a post office accidentally over the weekend.

    When requesting a quote to ship a Baba Berry plant, please include the email address that you would like the paypal invoice sent to and the zip code so I can give you the most accurate shipping quote possible.


  3. Hey, Lianne! I hate to infringe on your time more, but . . . !

    I’m wondering if you can recommend a plant for our planter outside our living room window. We’re having the bird of paradise pulled out–it’s tearing up the planter. A large plant is important to help shade the window, but nothing that has monster roots. Attractive would be nice, and it definitely has to hold up with lots of sun.

  4. Hi Liz,

    I don’t mind a bit of quick garden advice.

    The best plant I can think of that gets tall, does good in almost any exposure, drought tolerant, and has pretty year round foliage is Nandina Domestica “Heavenly Bamboo.” They are about 4 to 6 ft. and about 2 to 3 ft wide. But it isn’t a bamboo, so you don’t have to worry about it spreading all over. It has yellow flowers in the spring and summer and red berries in the winter. The foliage also turns reddish in parts later in the year. There are different varieties of Nandina, but Heavenly Bamboo is pretty easy to find, and it is one of the taller ones. This post has two pictures of one of my nandinas, scroll down about nine photos or so to find them.

    Another plant I can think of that doesn’t have aggressive roots, can fit in a pretty narrow planter, and gets tall is Cannas. They do good here in sunset zone 22 and lots of other places. If they get too dense over time, the rhizomes are easy to thin. Cannas vary in height, depending on the variety, from 3 ft to about 5ft or so. Also there are a few with really pretty multicolored foliage. Here is a link to where you can see some nice pictures of them. You might have a hard time right now finding full sized ones in a one gallon can because they are prettiest in Spring and Summer, but they aren’t too hard to find right now in just bare bulbs/rhizomes.

  5. Lianne, Since I missed the LBCC plant sale, any other recommendations on vegatable plant shopping? Also going to try some winter squashes this year. I love eating, acorn, kabosha, butternut, and spagetti squash. Have you found any of these easy to grow? So far most successful with zuchinni and tomatos. I am going to start experimenting with bread making…any advice. Things are good here. Email me.
    Jasmine K.

  6. Hi Lianne!
    We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and your linoleum floor looks similar to the color I have chosen. Would you be able to tell me the brand and color you used? Is it Marmoleum linoleum? Also, what color are your kitchen walls? I see that we have similar tastes and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel (color wheel that is!).

    • Hi Kate,

      The brand of flooring we have is Armstrong Marmorette. There was a green in Forbo Marmoleum almost the exact same shade, Jade # 3222, but after doing a bit of intentional damage to both product samples, the Marmorette was a bit better looking after the repair. I also liked that it had a factory installed protective mat finish. We have yet to have the floor sealed and shined with polish and it still has its original soft looking mat finish, however it looks great after almost a year.

      The green linoleum color is called Home Turf and the black border is Obsidian. I am not sure of the color name of my kitchen walls, but they are a minty green that I matched from my vintage scrapbook. Basically the walls are a couple of shades lighter than the green flooring. The paint is behr premium plus.

  7. Hi Lianne:
    Could you tell In your Peachy pink vintage tile bathroom with lovely mosaic tile floor to match that picture .
    where can I buy this peach pink vintage tile ?Thank you

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