Crazy wet winter brings beautiful rainbow over city

We have had five straight days of rain, with thunder storms, tornado warnings, flooding all over town, and hail.  This is not our typical winter.  However, there was a beautiful rainbow at the end of today. © 2010 – 2012, .

Dealing with Weeds

As a gardener, weeds are a fact of life.   Some weeds are worse than others.  My current battle is with burclover in the front lawn.  It has a velcro spiral seed following the pretty tiny yellow flowers.  At first glance … Continue reading

Brooding our Little Flock of Chicks

Brooding Our Little Flock   My family and I are suburban backyard chicken keepers that can only have a few hens at time.  We do not plan to be hatching chicks frequently throughout the year, so we needed something cheap … Continue reading

Mid Winter-The Monarchs are in Southern California

Mid Winter January 1st, 2010 Not much is flowering currently, but it appears Spring is just around the corner for coastal Southern California.  Some of the perennials are starting to emerge through the soil.  It inspired me to go out … Continue reading

Saint Francis and Lawns

For many years, I have kept a  little statue of Saint Francis in the backyard to remind me to be thankful for what we have in our little home and yard.  We have been generously blessed by our Lord in … Continue reading