Unusual Chicken Coops

Although most anyone that can hold a hammer and operate a saw can build a chicken coop, it takes real imagination and creativity to make one that is creative or a pleasure to look at. I enjoy coming across out of the ordinary, beautiful, weird, wacky, or magical looking chicken coops and poultry houses from around the web.*  If you know of any other crazy coops, send me a link, post a comment, or email me photo. Thanks! Below are a few of my favorites:

unusual backyard chicken coop made from natural materials found in africa

Chicken coop from Burkina Faso, West Africa found at Voice in the Desert blog

hobbit hole looking backyard chicken coop that looks like it belongs in the shire

A Hobit Hole Chicken Coop made by Wooden Wonders in Maine


Quonset Hut style chicken coop from Brisbane, Australia and made by Chicken Coops for Brisbane


A cute living roof chicken coop in Seattle, Washington at found at the Seattle Times

A fairytale cottage style chicken coop found at BYC

This coop looks like it is from Snow White’s Haunted Forest, but it is just a cute cottage style Chicken Coop nestled in an industrial Park found on Flickr


A cape code style chicken coop in Utah. This one is filled with amazing murals throughout the interior. Click here to see all the fantastic paintings inside over at BYC

A Funky Earthship Chicken Coop somewhere in the SouthWest on Revolution From Home blog

An Asian inspired Chicken Coop in a Japanese Garden at The Style and Design of Dean Yoder blog


A rustic chicken coop in Echo Park, California found in the photos of a house tour on Apartment Therapy

A small chicken coop hidden away in a veggie garden in the San Francisco Bay area, found at Pluck and Feather blog

Wierd but fun chicken tractor that kids would love - transformers theme

Optimus Prime Transformer theme chicken tractor. Found at all places, a PC Community Forum called Overclockers. The site has nothing to do with backyard chicken keeping, but cool to see, all the same.


unusual silly fun backyard chicken coop with decorative accents

Stage coach shaped blue backyard chicken coop with punched metal or tin windows and doors details. sold by Modo Verde.

*Unlike the rest of my blog, many of the photos in this post are not my original works, but were found throughout the internet. I did my best to credit and link each image back to the original works and their posters/creators/sources/or places where they are sold.  However if at any time you would prefer not to have one of your images or links here, please email me at lianne@hanburyhouse.com and I’ll take it down right away.  Thanks.

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