Our June Harvests

2010 May and June Harvests

The Dorset Golden Apples were early this year, and we started harvesting at the beginning of June.  I made a homemade apple pie for my husband’s birthday with some and still had a half of a Trader Joe’s bag full.  The Anna apple tree has had a few ready as well, but appears to have another week or two before it is at its peak.  Blackberries and Blueberries are delicious this year.  We started picking Triple Crown and Hanbury about a week after Mother’s day.  The chickens have even realized the berries are there because normally they are well behaved and stay in their section of the yard.  However, they are taking every chance they can to sneak over to the driveway and snack off the lower branches of the Triple Crown blackberry.  Naughty chickens!  About the same time the berries started, the Beauty plums were ready too.  Yum!  Unfortunately, I have not had more than a handful of blueberries this year.  The neighborhood children all seem to know they are out there now, thanks to my daughter telling them.  I guess the kids will be grown before I get to enjoy those fruits of my labor in more abundance.  I don’t really mind and I think it is kind of fun for them to get to enjoy picking with friends. The tomatoes we have been eating since the end of May are Sun Sugar and Stupice, and just this week we started picking Gardener’s Delight.  Now I look forward to many more of the stone fruits being ready in about 3 weeks.

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