Beautiful chicken coop in an urban garden
A photo of our coop from 2011 and some of our original large breed chickens.

For many years, I assumed I could not keep chickens legally in a suburban backyard, although I read every book I could about them.  Everyone I knew, knew I longed to have them as part of the cycle of life in my yard.  After lots of research, I discovered it was okay as long as I followed a few of the city’s ordinances* in regards to keeping “fowl” including following the minimum distance from dwellings and not exceeding the specified number of hens permitted.  Like most big cities, we can not have roosters.

Click-Through the menu of pages under Chickens to see my coop, my flock, organic feed listings, etc. I also have lots of things I talk about them in many of my posts. Look under categories for those.

7 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. Love your blog! I have 4 Cochins, one rooster (Larry Bird), three hens (Lola, Layla and Lilly). I raised them since they were about 2-3 days old. I adore them. Recently, my rooster has taken to grabbing my hen by the back of the head and then standing on her. I’m new to raising chickens but I’m guessing this is a dominating issue. I don’t like this behavior!

  2. How very cool !! I love chickens…b/c we had a few as pets when I was little (don’t ask why). I swear there’s a house not far from where I live, smack in very urban LA–and across a Starbucks, where I’ve heard a rooster crowing a few times. It makes me smile whenever I hear it…though maybe not so for their next door neighbors. Best wishes, L (PS–I never made it to Recoleta this time, but it is a nice area)

  3. I love your site, Leanne. I am a new farmer. I raise alpacas, and sheep, and keep dogs (2danes in the house, 2 maremmas in the barn) cats, and…chickens! I adore my chickens! Much to my surprise, as I thought Freddy the bantam cochin frizzle rooster wasn’t fertilizing eggs, I found a bantam silver cochin with a chick under her today! Such happiness for both of us!

  4. This May, my flock of 5 chickens will be a year old. In that time frame, I moved my vegetable garden from the back yard to the front yard and my backyard including my patio is a disaster. Many of the plants I planted are dead. There is poop everywhere. Basically, I turned over my back yard to the chickens. I have a chicken ark tractor, but I did not have the heart to keep them caged up so they roamed around pretty much all day. But this spring and summer I am planning to take ownership of my covered patio and bring back my garden. There must be a way for a beautiful productive garden and chickens to co-exist. In my search for advice, I stumbled across your blog site and I am so happy I did. Thank you for your article on chicken proofing your garden. I can at least get started on that.

  5. Just love your blog! Exactly the journey we are now starting, in Brisbane Australia.

    Is it at all crazy I get sooooo excited by chook pens, edible landscapes and recycling??

    Great job, will stop by often

  6. Hi,
    I have raised chickens most of my life. We sold eggs about 40 years ago when we had a flock of 50 hens and 4 roosters. These chickens were leghorns.
    Now I have only a dozen hens and two roosters. Every chicken is a differ ent color except the roosters. They are Rhode Island Reds.
    Anyway, you have a nice website. It’s put together real neatly.

    c u ltr,

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