Hanbury House Details:

  • USDA zone 10b
  • Sunset zone 22
  • Chill hours per winter range between 250-590, but most years we get about 350
  • About five miles from the ocean in Southern California
  • 1/14 of an acre (6200 sq ft) lot with 1200 sq ft house and 3100 available space to grow things.  The rest of the space is covered by garage, sidewalk, driveway and patio.
  • Built in June 1944. The modest housing track was developed for the workers and their families at the local Douglas plant during WW2
  • Type of architecture is referred to as minimal traditional
  • Purchased by my husband and I in 1997.  We are the third owners.
  • Organically maintained since purchasing in 97, but there was little more than grass, a Chinese elm, a pine tree, 3 Italian cypresses, juniper hedges, and a liquid Amber tree.
  • The majority of the edible landscaping began in winter 98/99.
  • Hanburyhome.wordpress.com blog at wordpress.com started in late 2009, then migrated over to a wordpress self hosted site, HanburyHouse.com, in April of 2012.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. hello, I have a pink and burgundy tile countertop on my 1949 home. do you know of a place that sells replacement tiles specifically the quarter round pieces that surround the sink.
    thank you and great pics

    1. Hi Tom,

      The house I grew up in had a bathroom with the same color scheme of pink and burgundy. The only place I have personally purchased new retro tile pieces from is B and W Tile in Gardena, California. I would recommend contacting them to see if they could make a custom replacement quarter round piece for you, if they don’t have what you are looking for in stock.

  2. I wondered if you know a place in so cal/ san gabriel valley that repairs or recovers the chairs for those 50s dinette sets? I have a great one but the chairs are thrashed. I would love to get them fixed. Thank you 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation for reupulstering the vinyl on your chairs. The folks I bought my vintage dinette set from had a quote from someone in near them, in Venice, for $150 a chair. As a result, they never bothered to get them recovered. I decided since the price was that high, I might as well try to do it myself. And it really wasn’t that hard.

      There is an antique store in Orange that sells newly reupulstered vintage dinette sets, called Woody’s, maybe they could recommend a place. The business that covered my 1950s sofa went out of business, so I can’t even suggest it. Sorry I am not much help with a specific business to recommend.

      1. Hi Lianne
        I looked at your website about determining what my chick is. Are you the one who did the drawings about the pullet versus rooster?
        if so, can help me distinguish what my bird is.

        1. If you send a link to a photo hosting website where the pic is posted (like flickr or photobucket), I can take look and make a guess. However, even if I was confident I could determine the gender of your chick from the photo, I still strongly recommend waiting until the chick is two months old to make any decisions. Many breeds it is not easy to tell until the chick is closer to four or five months old.

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