Retro Kitchen Images From The 1940s and 1950s Scrapbook

white and green 1940's 1950's kitchen design ad advertisement

white and green and coral colored 1940’s kitchen with built in table, green tile back splash, stainless steel countertop and pretty inlaid stripe linoleum floor.  This is my favorite color scheme of all the kitchens out of the scrapbook.

For the last few weeks, we have been without a working printer/ scanner, but finally bought a new one this week.  I decided to try it out by scanning more images from Mrs. Crabtree’s 1940’s and 1950’s home decorating scrapbook.  If you want to read my post about how I ended up with the scrapbook and what’s in it, click here.  It takes a while to scan and crop each picture, so I am just working on the images in small batches, basically when I have a little free time.   Today I worked on some of the many vintage 40s and 50s kitchens she clipped decades ago.  I find it delightful that back then, designers used vibrant colors on every surface, including the walls, floors, counter tops, and the cabinets.  I wish more of the old kitchen pictures from the scrapbook were in color, but the really early ones are generally in black and white.  Here are the retro kitchens that have been scanned so far….

40's peach and green kitchen streamline design with bright decor
Metal cabinets in gray and white vintage kitchen from the 1930's, 40's, and 50's

Grey streamline kitchen with metal cabinets from the late 1940’s or early 1950s.  Another kitchen with a cool vintage inlay striped linoleum floor

Pink and green vintage kitchen ad advertisement with streamline details instead of crown moulding

Pink and green retro kitchen with black marble looking linoleum flooring


Polkadot pink vintage kitchen with cream colored cabinets and linoleum floor with decorative pattern design and inset edge in black

Dark Coral Pink, cream, and black retro 1940’s or early 1950s kitchen. This picture is from a large Armstrong flooring ad for linoleum. I love the patterning on the linoleum with the inlay edging and wish they still made flooring that looked like this.


Art Deco dinning room with block glass window and build in cabinets

Art Deco window details in Beige 1940s dinning area

Art Deco or 1920's old fashion kitchen

vintage 1920s kitchen in black and white. I love the console sink with built in back splash and wall hung faucet.


1940's kitchen with white cabinets and laminate counter tops

Black and white kitchen from 1940s. Sorry about the way it was clipped years ago. I like the island work table in this one.


Art moderne kitchen furniture from the 1940's

Sleek vintage metal kitchen


Yellow, black and white vintage kitchen from the 1940's

Retro Kitchen with dark charcoal grey and black linoleum floor with white cabinets and yellow paint from the 1940s.  Notice the painted scallop detail above the cabinets.  Very cool.


chartruse green and blue kitchen from 40's or 50's with a built in breakfast nook table and benches/ booth

Lime green cabinets and paint, royal blue linoleum flooring, and black accents in a kitchen from the late 1940s.  Sorry this was another one that was cut weird.

White cast iron looking Drain board sink in a black and gray kitchen with black counter tops and

Retro white and black Kitchen from the late 1940s with grey linoleum with an inlaid stripe design in red and black.  I like the big side drain boards on the cast iron sink and the pop of green color in the seating area.


Lots of decorative pottery in vintage 1940's kitchen

Beige linoleum flooring  in a monochromatic  mid century kitchen.  I got a ceiling light from Mrs Crabtree that looks almost identical to the one in the picture.  It is now in the hallway.  I wonder where I could find some Jadite Chickens like on the counter top?


Okay, sorry, but that is all I have the energy or time to do for today.  I have another twelve or so vintage kitchen images to upload, but it is pretty time consuming and I have to get started around here on my other chores.  Stop by again next week if you would like to see them.  I should have it all done by then.  Thanks.


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Retro Kitchen Images From The 1940s and 1950s Scrapbook — 6 Comments

  1. Love these pics! Thanks. Now I have some ideas. I own a whole kitchen of metal cabinets and want to some day build a home and use them. People are crazy to think kitchens with these retro cabinets are ugly. They are sooooo cooooool.

    • I am glad the pictures help with some designs ideas. You are fortunate to have vintage metal kitchen cabinets. They sell for a premium to antique and retro home improvement enthusiasts now a days. And I love them too! I have only seen one house locally that still had them, and I agree, they are so cool. My housing track was all built with thin wood cabinets because all available scrap metal was going to the war effort, not home building.

  2. I absolutely love 40’s and 50’s kitchens. Actual I love the furniture from that era too. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have couple of scape books that my Mom made when she was a teenage girl in the early 1940’s. She would cut or gather pictures from magazines dreaming of how she would decorate her own home one day. Life seemed so innocent back then.

  3. So homey. My mom’s kitchen is 50’s ranch with metal cabinets that have gray marbleized counter tops.. Recently removed the carpeting to find the original linoleum with a red boarder gong around the cabinets

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  5. Thanks for sharing! We bought a 1949 built house and all the character had been removed. 🙁 I am looking for ideas and inspiration. I found some here.

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