A Clever Automatic Coop Door – No Electricity or Battery Needed

I feel a automatic coop door opener is a must have for every urban chicken keeper, especially if your spouse, like mine, is not too keen about being woken up at dawn everyday by hens anxious about getting on with their business for the day. However, getting power to a coop can be a challenge and some of the battery powered or solar powered automatic door openers can be very expensive. I stumbled on to this nifty automatic coop door opener in the U.K. on Youtube the other day. It is chicken powered! It has a weighted lever and pulley system designed into the roost.

If something happens to one of the chickens or the flock size is reduced or increased, an additional weight would need to be added or removed to rebalance. From looking at the invention, the sand filled jugs on the bottom lever appear to be easy to remove or add as needed to make weight adjustments.

Very clever!


Below is a picture of my homemade step up with a drapery motor/ motorized auto coop door opener.  More pictures of it and my coop and can be found HERE. If you have a automatic coop door opener to share, leave me a comment with a link or email me a photo. I plan to eventually redo my own coop door opener when I move to coop to the other side of yard and would love some more ideas or suggestions. Thanks.

P1180882 A Clever Automatic Coop Door   No Electricity or Battery Needed

This is my current automatic coop door opener. It is a curtain opener made by Add A Moter and it lifts the chicken coop’s sliding panel pop door. It runs on electricity, but when the time comes to build a new coop, I think I might try building a lever system opener instead.

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