Weird Egg

Have you ever gotten a weird egg? The first time we got one, it sure seemed bizarre.  If you keep chickens long enough, you are bound to eventually get one, too.   My neighbor came over and asked me last … Continue reading

A Clever Automatic Coop Door – No Electricity or Battery Needed

I feel a automatic coop door opener is a must have for every urban chicken keeper, especially if your spouse, like mine, is not too keen about being woken up at dawn everyday by hens anxious about getting on with … Continue reading

A bad experience with sand in the chicken run

Sand vs. Shavings is one of those things, each chicken keeper has their own personal preference on, based on their run situation and location of their coop.  My coop and run are over concrete, not dirt.   I have used both … Continue reading

Joint Custody

My two broody hens stared at each other in their separate nests for the last 4 weeks, on fake eggs and then on the fertile Cochin eggs I bought on ebay.  I had been thinking about the possibility of letting … Continue reading

Loud Ducks

How loud are ducks? At 6AM, when I am trying to enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep, they seem really loud. The quaking started shortly after dawn this morning.  At first is was a soft quacking. Then all 3 … Continue reading

Unusual Chicken Coops

Although most anyone that can hold a hammer and operate a saw can build a chicken coop, it takes real imagination and creativity to make one that is creative or a pleasure to look at. I enjoy coming across out … Continue reading

Not Breaking My Broody Hen

Just recently my buff bantam Cochin, Daisy, decided it was time try to start another brood of chicks.  Crazy moody hen!  Her chicks from the last batch are only 11 weeks old this week.  She had only been back to … Continue reading

Chickens Anonymous

As many urban chicken keepers will attest, backyard chickens can be addictive.  And for flock owners, like myself, who often have non chicken keeping friends’ eyes glaze over at the mere mention of chickens, there is help out there.  It … Continue reading

Old Wives Tales of Chick Sexing

This year, B, wanted to come up with a chicken science project.  Why?  Because it was a great excuse to get a whole bunch of baby chicks.  She really didn’t have to twist my arm too hard.  I love having … Continue reading

The Furry Freeway

There are regular sightings of opossums, squirrels, and rats in our neighborhood; and the majority of these sightings are along the Furry Freeway, as my husband calls it.  It is the system of the power lines that run between the … Continue reading