The High Cost of Sub-Urban Homesteading

  Am I imagining it or are edible plants at the nurseries going way up in price due to the increased popularity of backyard food gardening, sustainability, and homesteading? I was running errands this morning, and one of them took … Continue reading

An Uncoventional Organic Method for Killing Root Knot Nematodes

As you may have read in a previous post, root knot nematodes recently became public enemy number one in the Hanbury House vegetable garden.  I was kind of depressed about it for a few days, struggling to decide what the … Continue reading

Gardening Just Got More Difficult…Discovering Root Knot Nematodes

I had wondered why my daughter’s carrot crop was so pitiful this year.  While I was outside this morning, I pulled a few carrots out and discovered the reason, Root Knot Nematodes. I have managed to avoid any infestations of Root … Continue reading

Fairy Gardening: Fairy Apartments in the Parkway

fairy garden apartment in a tree

While out on a walk with my daughter, we almost breezed right past a couple of fairy garden apartments up high in a few street trees.  It was a very unexpected, whimsical find.  According to a friend that lives nearby, the figures are different almost everyday.  I may have to set some scrap lumber aside for a fairy apartment in our parkway tree.

a second fairy garden a few steps from the first in another parkway tree

As you can see, based on the height of my 11 year old daughter, the fairy houses are just high enough that younger kids don’t bother the tree’s residents or accidentally walk away with them.

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Use It Up, Wear it Out, Make It Do…in the Garden

There’s a certain kind of fun in having the latest and greatest, but I’ve also learned that it’s often more rewarding to fix broken things, propagate, being resourceful, and making do rather than buying replacements or buying new.  This is … Continue reading

After Dinner Gardening

When my kids were little, I bought a odd gardening book from a used book store called The After Dinner Gardening Book, by Richard Langer.  I was curious, and had to buy it just to see if it had some … Continue reading

My worst Gardening Mistake…

Although I am pretty adept at gardening, I have to admit that I have made more than my fair share of dumb gardening mistakes. After 15 years at Hanbury House, that list of mistakes has grown pretty long. If someone … Continue reading

A bad experience with sand in the chicken run

Sand vs. Shavings is one of those things, each chicken keeper has their own personal preference on, based on their run situation and location of their coop.  My coop and run are over concrete, not dirt.   I have used both … Continue reading

The Ongoing Battle with Burclover: Organic vs. Chemical Control

Burclover is a commonly used name for two prickly invasive clovers, Black Medic Medicago lupulina  and California Burclover Medicago polymorpha.  Since the beginning of the last drought we had, probably around 2007, my neighborhood has slowly been overtaken by burclover.  … Continue reading

The New Gray Water Diverter

Now that our wet season is pretty much over, it is time to switch back to gray watering in the in the back yard garden. For a little over 5 years we have been using some of the water from … Continue reading