Goji Berries

In February 2009, I purchased three tiny 4″ goji berry Lycium barbarum plants from a fellow edible plant collector during bare root planting season.  At the time, I was reticent to pay a premium for a small plant I knew … Continue reading

Mourning Cloak Butterflies

I am real a nerd that at 41,  I still like to play with bugs.   I love butterflies probably the most out of all insects; they are like floating or flying flowers in the garden. A couple of Saturdays ago, … Continue reading

Black Soldier Flies- Turns trash to Treasure in our Compost

  Warm weather has returned to SoCal because I caught a Black Soldier Fly in the house today.  Most people would say that the flies and larvae are gross! However, I was thrilled to catch it, and I promptly gave … Continue reading