Urban Wildlife Sighting…Osprey in the backyard?!

Yup. On Monday, I was in the back yard doing some pruning, when I heard an angry crow.  Looking up to the power in the next door neighbors’ yard, I noticed a huge hawk trying to enjoy its lunch in … Continue reading

Southern Alligator Lizards

July 17, 2010:  I was astonished to almost step on a lizard on my front lawn last week.  It scurried into the irises, so I ran into the house to get the camera.  I managed to get an okay photo, … Continue reading

Surplus of Garden Produce

Like most gardeners, at different times of the year, I often have more than our family can use, with a large surplus of tomatoes, stone fruits, oranges, grapes, and more.  Instead of always giving it to friends and neighbors, the … Continue reading