Not Breaking My Broody Hen

Just recently my buff bantam Cochin, Daisy, decided it was time try to start another brood of chicks.  Crazy moody hen!  Her chicks from the last batch are only 11 weeks old this week.  She had only been back to … Continue reading

It tastes like Spring: Bababerries and Low Chill Cherries

George, the dog, did a lot of damage to the Baba patch back in January and for a long time the patch looked like it would have a hard time recovering. When the warm weather returned in late February and … Continue reading

Chickens Anonymous

As many urban chicken keepers will attest, backyard chickens can be addictive.  And for flock owners, like myself, who often have non chicken keeping friends’ eyes glaze over at the mere mention of chickens, there is help out there.  It … Continue reading

Frugal Gardening: Sowing Old Seeds

Some gardeners save “heirloom” and non-hybrid seed from special plants.  I don’t consider myself one of those conscientious gardeners, only rarely saving seed from some of my favorite perennials.  However, I often have packets of vegetable seeds leftover at the … Continue reading

Black Soldier Flies- Turns trash to Treasure in our Compost

  Warm weather has returned to SoCal because I caught a Black Soldier Fly in the house today.  Most people would say that the flies and larvae are gross! However, I was thrilled to catch it, and I promptly gave … Continue reading