Urban Wildlife Sighting…Osprey in the backyard?!

Yup. On Monday, I was in the back yard doing some pruning, when I heard an angry crow.  Looking up to the power in the next door neighbors’ yard, I noticed a huge hawk trying to enjoy its lunch in … Continue reading

Preventing Dog Damage in the Garden

  I had already planted the backyard gardens before we got our first dog back in 2000.  Shortly after getting her, she began to drive me nuts with her incessant digging, trampling of tender plants, laying on others, and eating … Continue reading

How to Gently Get A Brooding Hen to Stop Setting

  Bantam Cochins are one of the best breeds of chickens for small urban backyards, mainly because they are generally quiet, curious, very friendly, easy to handle, kids like their small size and docile nature, they don’t fly like other … Continue reading

Crowing Hen…How to Get Her to Stop

A hen can crow like a rooster.  I am not making this up and it isn’t an old wives tale.  It doesn’t happen in a regular flock with a rooster present, but in small backyard flocks with just female chickens, … Continue reading

Long Beach Residents want Backyard Chickens, Bees, and Dwarf Goats

I usually like to post links to TV and newspaper articles related to backyard chickens all together on a different page, but this one hits a bit closer to home and was on the front page of the local paper yesterday.  … Continue reading

Joint Custody

My two broody hens stared at each other in their separate nests for the last 4 weeks, on fake eggs and then on the fertile Cochin eggs I bought on ebay.  I had been thinking about the possibility of letting … Continue reading

A Visit from the Hawk

Coopers Hawk sitting in our backyard Chinese Elm tree, trying to decide which chicken it wants for lunch. Hawks are a serious concern for free ranging chickens, even for flocks living in urban areas, like ours. Since I spend a … Continue reading

Leasing a Chicken

My son, J, came to me at the beginning of September and said “Mom, I want to buy that white chicken.  How much is she? I have my own money.”  He knows I regularly sell my chickens and wants us … Continue reading

Growing Up and Moving Out: Penguin’s Brood

The hardest part of letting my hens raise bantam chicks is we can’t keep them all, especially males.  Penguin just recently decided she was done being mommy for her brood of chicks. Since I still have not gotten up the … Continue reading

Update on Chick Pick

Awhile ago, I posted about my guesses on sexing Bantam Cochin chicks based on my visual observations as they grew.  With bantams, it is the only way to sex them, that or spending $25 a chick to get them DNA … Continue reading