Growing Up and Moving Out: Penguin’s Brood

Growing Up and Moving Out: Penguin’s Brood

The hardest part of letting my hens raise bantam chicks is we can’t keep them all, especially males.  Penguin just recently decided she was done being mommy for her brood of chicks. Since I still have not gotten up the courage to process a rooster, it was time to rehome the extras we can’t keep in our little coop. They were 9 weeks old.

Golden Laced Cochin Cockerel 9 weeks old

This little fellow in the above picture went to a new home today, along with a buddy, a white bantam cochin cockerel.  They went to live in Signal hill at a home with lots of other chickens, quail, and guineas.  The partridge cochin pullet went to live in another small backyard flock in Yorba Linda.

However, Miss Prissy still has her little boy, a Birchen Cochin, and my neighbor still has 3 males that I need to find homes for in the next month or so.  The other brood has a Silver Pencilled Cochin cockerel and two Black Cochin cockerels being raised by Miss Frizzle. Update: they found new homes, in Lancaster and in Signal Hill.

The kids have convinced me we must keep the buff pullet out of Penguin’s brood for now.  She is super docile, comes up to the kids, and calmly sits without complaint.  Usually our Cochins don’t get this easy going until after point of lay.

We also have an Easter Egger.  I don’t know what to make of it.  It isn’t exactly a bantam, but it isn’t really that big either.  I thought there was a good chance it was a pullet until two weeks ago.  Recently it started getting red splashes on the shoulders.  Pullet Easter Eggers are usually relatively plain in color and boys get the striking color combinations. But it has almost no comb showing, it is a thin single row peacomb, and yellowish pink.   I guess I am stuck waiting to see it lay an egg or hear it crow.

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  1. Update:
    All the little cockerels have found a new home. The other 4 males, Miss Prissy’s little Birchen, plus Ms. Frizzle’s 3 boys from across the street, went to a hobby farm out by Lancaster off the 138.

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