Cochin Pullets at 16 weeks

Below are the latest pictures of our five bantam Cochins.  The pullets turned 16 weeks on Monday.   The kids have managed to name them all, even though my husband explicitly told them not to: Penguin, Lady Cluck, Daisy, Harly-quin, and … Continue reading

Chickens in the News

I always enjoy seeing media articles about city chickens, especially from sources that usually have nothing to do with chickens.  Some of them are pleasant stories about living with backyard chickens, but a lot of times they are about disputes … Continue reading

Maintaining A Garden with Chickens

I have to admit that it was NOT easy at first gardening with chickens in small yard, but it is definitely doable.  My garden has changed a lot of over the last year having had chickens, however, most areas of … Continue reading

Hatching Joey, the Trader Joe’s Chicken

We ordered our first baby chicks (only pullets) from a hatchery.  However, my 8 year old daughter wanted to see them hatch from eggs.  We live in the city and no one that keeps hens has fertile eggs around here.  … Continue reading