Cochin Pullets at 16 weeks

Cochin Pullets at 16 weeks

Below are the latest picture of our five bantam Cochins.  The pullets turned 16 weeks on Monday.   The kids have managed to name them all, even though my husband explicitly told them not to: Penguin, Lady Cluck, Daisy, Harly-quin, and Greasy Chicken.  My daughter wants to change Greasy Chicken to Bockachelli, but my son is standing his ground with Greasy Chicken because of her odd looking feathers.  In general, they are very gentle, outgoing, pretty quiet (unless they see me walk past the coop,) and seem content to stay in the run most of the day.  I could not be happier with them, but they have yet to start laying.

what size eggs to bantam chickens lay
The whole flock of Bantams

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