Darn Bumper Crop of Berries

Most of my flowers and perennials these days are generally low water users, at least once they became established, however the same is not true of all my edible plants. When the state officials announced the need for even deeper … Continue reading

Free Reusable Storage Canning Lids that Fit Ball and Kerr Jars

Once a jar of homemade jelly or jam is opened, reusing the same metal lid and ring that was used to can it can be difficult and messy.  When my neighbor first starting teaching me to can a couple of … Continue reading

Low Sugar Kiwi Strawberry Jam from Home Grown Vincent Kiwis

This past growing season, despite the fact we only had a half dozen male flowers on the Kiwi vines, we still had a bountiful crop of Vincent Kiwis, way more than the previous year when we only had two male … Continue reading

How to Easily Juice a bunch of Pomegranates

Short answer:  Just use an electric citrus juicer. My overly detailed, way too long response to the same dilemma: Although we have a young “Sweet” Pomegranate tree, sadly it is still too small to produce much fruit.  However, my husband … Continue reading

B’s Pickled Beets with Onions

People usually either love Pickled Beets or hate them. My daughter and I love Pickled Beets.  This summer B decided to plant beets just for pickling.  She planted Detroit Dark Red, mainly because we had three packets of them on … Continue reading

Learning to Can: Concord Grape Jam- Part 2

Yesterday, my neighbor, G, and I processed 1/2 of the frozen concord grape juice we made at the end of summer into jam.  As I mentioned in my previous post about the first half of the grape project, Learning to … Continue reading

Learning to Can: Concord Grape Jelly – Part 1

For many years, my family has been blessed with dozens of cans of homemade jelly from our concord grape vine.  However, I can not take credit for anything other than the simple acts of planting, pruning, and rarely watering. My … Continue reading