How to Easily Juice a bunch of Pomegranates

How to Easily Juice a bunch of Pomegranates

Some of the pretty pomegranates we were given

Short answer:  Just use an electric citrus juicer.

My overly detailed, way too long response to the same dilemma:

Although we have a young “Sweet” Pomegranate tree, sadly it is still too small to produce much fruit.  However, my husband has a friend at work with an established “Wonderful” pomegranate tree that had a giant bumper crop this year.  We often share our organic bantam eggs and homemade jelly with his friend, and recently he has been giving us lots of pomegranates. Awesome exchange if you ask me!  Initially we were savoring the delicious seeds for snacks and salad toppings, but in reality we can’t eat all of these pomegranates before they start to shrivel or deteriorate in quality.  I hate seeing delicious pomegranates go to waste so I decided the best way to save the bounty was to juice them.

My grandma’s old vintage JuicIt juicer from the late 1960s or early 1970s.  This thing is a work horse; better than most new juicers on the market.  The white tile it is sitting on had to be protected from the pomegranate juice.

My next door neighbor borrows our vintage Juicit juicer to juice pomegranates each fall when she makes her own homemade pomegranate jelly.  Having seen videos on youtube, I was surprised when she told me that after trying a variety of methods herself, using an electric citrus juicer for pomegranantes was the easiest way to do it.  It is much faster and easier than anything I have seen or heard of elsewhere. Basically, juicing a pomegranate is a lot like juicing an orange.  The only big difference is that the pomegranates bleed and stain.


Before hand, I covered up our white kitchen tile counter top with an old towel to catch any splatters and to prevent any staining of the white grout.  After washing the pomegranates, I sliced them in halves and pressed them down on the rotating juicer, just like I do with oranges.  The juice dribbled into a pint sized cup underneath.  After finishing a few, I used the back side of spoon to push down on the seeds in the top of the juicer to help squeeze out the last little droplets of juice.  Once I collected a few cups, I poured the juice into a sieve to get out the pulp.  The sieve step isn’t necessary, unless you hate pulp or plan to make jelly with the juice.  That was about it.  Each pomegranate made about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of juice.

My next project will be to turn the juice it into jelly.  I am debating between making a traditional Pomegranate Jelly (my neighbor makes a delicious one that I will borrow the recipe from,) or I might get creative and blend the pomegranante juice with the juice of some of oranges for an Orange Pomegranate jelly or maybe go to the extra steps of prepping the orange rind to make a Pomegranate Orange marmalade.  Which would you prefer?

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