Darn Bumper Crop of Berries

Most of my flowers and perennials these days are generally low water users, at least once they became established, however the same is not true of all my edible plants. When the state officials announced the need for even deeper … Continue reading

Urban Wildlife Sighting…Osprey in the backyard?!

Yup. On Monday, I was in the back yard doing some pruning, when I heard an angry crow.  Looking up to the power in the next door neighbors’ yard, I noticed a huge hawk trying to enjoy its lunch in … Continue reading

Preventing Dog Damage in the Garden

  I had already planted the backyard gardens before we got our first dog back in 2000.  Shortly after getting her, she began to drive me nuts with her incessant digging, trampling of tender plants, laying on others, and eating … Continue reading

Adding More Plants To The Edible Landscape

  I actually didn’t get as many new edible plants and trees this winter or spring as I have in past years, but I still probably got more than I really have room for.  Basically, my small urban backyard is … Continue reading

How to Gently Get A Brooding Hen to Stop Setting

  Bantam Cochins are one of the best breeds of chickens for small urban backyards, mainly because they are generally quiet, curious, very friendly, easy to handle, kids like their small size and docile nature, they don’t fly like other … Continue reading

Spring Update: Kiwis, Berries, Cherries, and More…

    By Southern California gardening standards, we are already half way through Spring, and as usual, the Hanbury edible landscape and ornamental garden continues to evolve.  Every winter and Spring I change out things that under performed or plant … Continue reading

Crowing Hen…How to Get Her to Stop

A hen can crow like a rooster.  I am not making this up and it isn’t an old wives tale.  It doesn’t happen in a regular flock with a rooster present, but in small backyard flocks with just female chickens, … Continue reading

Napoleon Returns from Exile

Remember Penguin?  She remains my favorite hen, even though she briefly went through a hormonal phase where she thought was a rooster.  Because she started crowing early in the morning, last December she was exiled over to my friend’s flock … Continue reading

I just had to tell someone…

..out of the 100,000+ member pages at BYC, one of my pages was featured on the homepage of BackyardChickens.com today. When I started out with chickens 4 years ago, there were few resources promoting gardening methods to happily co-exist with … Continue reading

Tips for Gardening with Backyard Chickens

Having a nice yard and garden as well as eating fresh homegrown produce is something many of us enjoy, including backyard chickens. Here are some of my favorite gardening practices for keeping happy free range chickens and still having a … Continue reading