I just had to tell someone…

I just had to tell someone…

..out of the 100,000+ member pages at BYC, one of my pages was featured on the homepage of BackyardChickens.com today.

screen shot from over at BYC. My page is in the middle with the picture of the heliotrope

When I started out with chickens 4 years ago, there were few resources promoting gardening methods to happily co-exist with pet chickens, other than keeping the chickens locked up all the time.  Lots of folks said a pretty garden with free range chickens couldn’t be done; chickens would eventually destroy everything.  I learned that isn’t true. In 2009, I decided to share on a BYC page what I learned from my experience.  In recent years there has been a wealth of publications promoting how to garden successfully with chickens, and I forgot all about that little list I compiled.  Today, I opened my email to find out, that old page is now featured on the carousel at the top of the BYC homepage.  I was tickled to see it, up there front and center.  I hope it still manages to help out some fellow gardeners.

Click here to go to where it is currently featured at backyardchickens.com and titled “Plants Chickens Don’t Eat.”  I am not sure if it is just up there for today or if it will be there for a little while. However, if it is gone by the time you read this post, the same list can be found here on a page at my blog: Chicken Resistant Plants

I am aware I am not much of a writer by any stretch of the imagination, arts and crafts are much more my thing than words.  I mainly compile posts here at my blog just to share some of the things I do around here, things I like, or things I learn, as kind of diary.  So to see an old page I made, especially one that I quickly put together and had planned to later go back and edit (but never did) and now featured at BYC, kind of made my day.  I just had to share!  🙂


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  1. I know I went on there tonight and saw you. I knew it was you once I started reading. Yeah! Congrats. You are a wealth of knowledge to us new SoCal chicken owners. Mine are doing some damage to my small back yard so I am looking at what I want to plant for next year. I loved potted flowers but they ate those first. Changing things up a bit.

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