Retro Marmoleum Flooring for the Kitchen – Day 2 of the project

Retro Marmoleum Flooring for the Kitchen – Day 2 of the project

New cabinets for the mid century makeover
The driveway is temporarily crowded with our new laundry room/ mudroom cabinets.

Yesterday was a “Murphy’s Law” kind of day.  In Southern California, it never rains here in the summer.  We usually have a long dry season from May to November.  I bet you can see where this post is going…We were confident that we would be okay temporarily storing the furniture from our kitchen and the new cabinets for the laundry room/ mudroom/ office outside for a week while the rooms were gutted down to the subfloor of 1 x 6 boards and the new linoleum floor was installed. Over the weekend, we moved everything outside.  The driveway was covered with the laundry room pantries, drawer cabinets, and upper cabinets. The back patio has our laundry sink base, the utility cart, and our kitchen table and chairs.  The refrigerator is in the middle of our little living room.  The stove is on skids and the washer/ dryer keeps changing locations throughout the house.

As a precaution, on Monday, my husband covered the top of the cabinets in tarps to protect them from dew or from the very remote chance we might get a freak storm, plus he bought a few extras.  Guess what!  It rained like cats and dogs for about a half hour yesterday and then lightly off and on throughout the morning.  Argggh!

Thank goodness, my husband, who works right at the shore, saved the day and phoned to warn me they were just hit with a heavy downpour and the cloud bank was headed inland.  Of course, I was only in my robe having recently emerged from the shower.  Out I dashed to readjust the tarps that had blown around a bit and yank out those extra tarps to carefully cover the sides of everything and the kitchen dinette.   As I got the last one on, the clouds broke.  I felt like we dodged a bullet.  It could have been really bad if all our cabinets or table got wet and warped out there.  I sure am glad my husband planned for Murphy to show up.

Installation is slowly progressing.  Yesterday all of the 3/4 plywood went down in both rooms.  There is still a lot of dust in the house, even though demolition is done.

empty laundry room after a day of work to install new retro flooring
plywood has been installed over the subflooring in the laundry room
installing a new linoleum floor retro floor surface
Plywood over the subfloor for the underlayment for the new linoleum kitchen floor that will hopefully go in tomorrow.

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