Live, Love, Dance Mural

Live, Love, Dance Mural

AGhhhh! An embarrassing picture of me was taken while painting  the new Live Love Dance Mural.

When I am not being a home maker/ gardener/ etc., on the side I am a decorative painter.  Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to do a simple word mural for an 8th grade girl.  Although I particularly like painting for younger kids because of all the creative possibilities, it was still a pleasure creating this one.  Brianna choose her favorite phrase in a font that she likes to go over the window in her purple bedroom:  “Live, Love, Dance.”  Including laying out the leveled lines, sketching the letters, and clean up, it took me about 2 1/2 hours to hand paint from start to finish.

Live Love Dance word mural over a large picture window

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