How to Gently Get A Brooding Hen to Stop Setting

  Bantam Cochins are one of the best breeds of chickens for small urban backyards, mainly because they are generally quiet, curious, very friendly, easy to handle, kids like their small size and docile nature, they don’t fly like other … Continue reading

To Light or Not to Light

  I won’t deny, lighting a chicken coop in the shorter daylight hours of fall and winter is not all that necessary here in Los Angeles.  Our local daylight hours drop down to only about 10 hours in midwinter.  We … Continue reading

How to Hard Boil Really Fresh Eggs

For the last two years we have only been hard boiling our oldest eggs for deviled eggs or pickled eggs.  I would hide a carton in the back of the fridge and wait a few weeks before making a new … Continue reading