How to Hard Boil Really Fresh Eggs

How to Hard Boil Really Fresh Eggs

For the last two years we have only been hard boiling our oldest eggs for deviled eggs or pickled eggs.  I would hide a carton in the back of the fridge and wait a few weeks before making a new batch of pickled eggs.  Lots of sources say old eggs are necessary to get perfectly peeled eggs, and never to use fresh eggs.    In addition, I have read all sorts of different ways and times to cook them depending on size and to avoid discolored gray yokes.  NOT ANYMORE!  90% of the eggs I have cooked using the following technique listed below have peeled cleanly and easily, and the absolute best part is the eggs can be of different sizes in the same batch and either really, really fresh or not.    The details can be found in a thread at with lots of testimonials to its success.  Here is a link to the thread. I was very skeptical until I tried it myself, but it works beautifully, even with our small 1.3 0z bantam eggs.


  • Bring Water to a rolling boil
  • Gently lower each egg into the boiling water ( I use a spaghetti fork)
  • Boil for 14 minutes!
  • Remove and quickly chill in an ice bath
  • Once cool, peel and enjoy

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  1. Another way to boil from my “365 Egg Recipes” book – my favorite as a backyard chicken owner is this:

    Cover the pot with a single layer of eggs and put water to 1″ above.
    As soon as they come to a rolling boil, cover and remove from the heat and let them sit for 17 minutes. Works for me!

    Nice blog! thanks for sharing…

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