Frugal Gardening: Sowing Old Seeds

Some gardeners save “heirloom” and non-hybrid seed from special plants.  I don’t consider myself one of those conscientious gardeners, only rarely saving seed from some of my favorite perennials.  However, I often have packets of vegetable seeds leftover at the … Continue reading

The Fairies moved into Long Beach City College!

Fairy house in a tree at LBCC


My daughter and I both love fairies and fairy gardens.   I had not visited LBCC Horticulture Department grounds since last spring, and I was delighted to find that fairies moved in over the course of the year.  They had set up miniature house in a tree and on the ground underneath, as well as a miniature sized vineyard, railroad, greenhouse, and windmill.  There were a few scattered tiny gnomes, too.  If you are local and like gardening, mini gardens, or fairies, I highly recommend stopping by to check it out.  Much of it was done using step-able plants and succulents.  The photos from my phone don’t really do it justice.  They are also having their 40th annual plant sale fund raiser the rest of this week, it started today at 9AM and will going until Saturday, April 7th.

Miniature Garden with windmill at LBCC

The Fairies' green house. They must be getting ready for spring planting too.

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Bug Bounty Hunters

Pesticides cost lots of money, especially organic ones.  A carton of iron phosphate type snail bait sets me back $10 to $15, depending on volume, and it needs to be reapplied every few weeks.  Hand picking is generally as affective … Continue reading

LBCC Horticulture Club Spring Plant Sale

Long Beach City College April 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. 2012 9AM-6PM Long Beach City College Horticulture Department is holding its 40th Annual Open House and Spring Plant Sale this April.  For many years, the Fullerton Arboretum’s  Green Scene was … Continue reading

Urban Homestead

Depending on what garden resource I read or who I listen to, what I do around our property is referred to by a variety of names…urban homesteading, Permaculture, backyard orchard culture, edible landscaping, victory gardening, etc.  I really don’t care … Continue reading

Goji Berries

In February 2009, I purchased three tiny 4″ goji berry Lycium barbarum plants from a fellow edible plant collector during bare root planting season.  At the time, I was reticent to pay a premium for a small plant I knew … Continue reading

Growing Up and Moving Out: Penguin’s Brood

The hardest part of letting my hens raise bantam chicks is we can’t keep them all, especially males.  Penguin just recently decided she was done being mommy for her brood of chicks. Since I still have not gotten up the … Continue reading

Mourning Cloak Butterflies

I am real a nerd that at 41,  I still like to play with bugs.   I love butterflies probably the most out of all insects; they are like floating or flying flowers in the garden. A couple of Saturdays ago, … Continue reading