An Uncoventional Organic Method for Killing Root Knot Nematodes

As you may have read in a previous post, root knot nematodes recently became public enemy number one in the Hanbury House vegetable garden.  I was kind of depressed about it for a few days, struggling to decide what the … Continue reading

Spring Garden Gamble: Tomatoes in February

As a seasoned gardener, I should know better than to plant tomatoes at the beginning of February, but H & H Nursery already had tomatoes in, including my favorite cold weather variety, Stupice.  For $1.99, I decided I could take … Continue reading

Our Alternate Bearing Mandarin Orange Tree – Feast or Famine

Nestled in our backyard micro orchard is one of my favorite winter fruit trees, mandarin, that we planted in 2000.  At the time we planted it, my toddler son and I were going to two different farmers markets a week … Continue reading

Frugal Gardening: Strawberry Daughters

As most seasoned gardeners know, one of the easiest plants to propagate is the strawberry. It is possible to make only a minimal financial investment and buy just few strawberry plants when getting a bed started, and within a matter … Continue reading

Napoleon Returns from Exile

Remember Penguin?  She remains my favorite hen, even though she briefly went through a hormonal phase where she thought was a rooster.  Because she started crowing early in the morning, last December she was exiled over to my friend’s flock … Continue reading

Good Grapes for Less than Ideal Climate: Jupiter

Coastal Southern California, sunset zone 22, is generally not considered a good grape growing climate.  Nevertheless, we have had success with a few grape varieties over the last decade and a half.  Between my friend across the street and I, … Continue reading

Not Breaking My Broody Hen

Just recently my buff bantam Cochin, Daisy, decided it was time try to start another brood of chicks.  Crazy moody hen!  Her chicks from the last batch are only 11 weeks old this week.  She had only been back to … Continue reading

Update on the crowing hen

I felt terrible about it, but in late January, I had to evict Penguin, our 1 1/2 year old black bantam cochin hen.   She started to crow at least 3 to 4 mornings a week, and was spending most … Continue reading