The Crowing Hen [Update]

The Crowing Hen [Update]

I felt terrible about it, but in late January, I had to evict Penguin, our 1 1/2 year old black bantam cochin hen.   As I mentioned in a prior post, she started to crow at least 3 to 4 mornings a week, and was spending most nights in the garage to avoid waking anyone in the pre dawn hours.  I figured as long as she remained a “top hen,” she was probably going to keep crowing.  Thanks to my good friend, K, Penguin was welcomed across the street into K’s larger backyard flock.  I like Penguin so much and didn’t want to sell her to a stranger that I might have even paid K to take Penguin if she asked.

long beach chicken ordinance are chickens legal in long beach
Photo of Penguin taken around this time last year with Harley and Prissy

Well, Penguin is actually fitting in really well over there.  There was no blood shed in the initial transition.  At first, K said Penguin got pecked at every once in awhile by the others, and she didn’t sleep on the roost the first few weeks, but she would follow the rest of the flock into the coop at night.  Two of the large fowl girls helped to put her in her place, making her lower in the pecking order.  I think that is what was needed for her to give up being a flock protector and crower.  K said she has not made a single peep in the 4 weeks she has been there.  And just in the last week, she has finally conquered her own territory on the roost at night.  K jokingly calls her Napoleon.  Penguin might be little, but she comes with a big personality and lots of confidence.  She isn’t at the top of the pecking order (yet), but she quickly established herself over the Easter Eggers and Black Sex-Link pullets.  She isn’t letting the older hens intimidate her either.  She appears to be somewhere in the middle of the flock hierarchy.  It seems to have been a good fit for her.  The only sad part for me, is when I visit, Penguin acts like she doesn’t remember me.  K says Penguin (aka Napoleon) has yet to forgive me for exiling her to Elba.

chicken coop run area backyard chickens
Where Penguin now lives: Behind the gate and grape arbor is a large 20 x 20 chicken run and coop

5 thoughts on “The Crowing Hen [Update]

  1. Thank you for all the information about your crowing hen!!! We don’t have chickens, but are neighbors to a flock with a crowing hen, and wanted to learn more about this phenomenon. You addressed it far better than Wikipedia did! 🙂

  2. 6 months later, Penguin seems really happy in the flock at K’s house. She hasn’t been crowing at all, and pretty much is the sweet quiet hen I knew when she lived here. K says she never hears a peep out of her. When Penguin moved to K’s house, she stopped laying and had a terrible molt. Once her feathers grew back in, it still took a long time for her to start laying again, finally starting up in mid May.

    However, she is now #2 in the flock of 8 chickens, right behind a great big red star hen and above a LF Ameraucana and a LF Black Star. She might be small, but she has a big personality.

  3. Loved to find out that like msyelf there are some birds that you just to have to be sure about when they leave your house. My most “petish” Dolly and Rock Star went some friends who keep chickens forever, until they die of old age. They love them because they are so friendly, like labs.

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