Our July Harvests

Our July Harvests

Well, Summer is officially here.  It had been a really mild summer so far, with most of June and July having fog up until 1 or 2PM and the sun only coming out briefly for a few hours in the afternoon each day.  But now, the temperatures have been in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s all this week.  I jokingly blame my husband that he brought the heat back with him from Texas after his visit with his brother.  The upside of summer heat is many of the summer fruits are ready now, so it isn’t all that bad.  Here is what we have been picking the week of July 11- 17, 2010:

Dorset Golden Apples (still going)

Anna Apples (still going)

What is a good apple for southern californa backyard orchard zone 10
Anna and Dorset Golden Apples- I would compare them to “Golden Delicious”



Panamint Nectarines

Red Baron Peaches

Flame Grapes

The last of the Blackberries




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