A New Farmers’ Market

A New Farmers’ Market

Some produce I can’t grow because I either don’t have enough space in our little backyard (like artichoke,) enough heat or chilling, or they are too difficult for me to grow organically without a lot of effort.  Therefore, farmers’ markets are the answer.  In addition to buying the things I don’t grow, I enjoy attending farmers markets to sample new or unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Recently, I saw a sign posted for a new Farmer’s Market that will be starting  locally.

Beginning Nov. 14th, 2010
Old MacDonald Farmer’s Market
Sundays, 8:30 – 1:30
5000 E. Spring St. Long Beach  (Corner of Spring and Clark, one block away from the 405 fwy/ Lakewood Blvd near the Long Beach Airport)

Update Nov. 15, 2010:  I attended the opening day with my family and was delighted to see almost 100 venders, booths, and lots of activities for families with kids.  There was a wide selection of citrus, summer and winter vegetables, grapes, persimmons, apples, asian pears, nuts, free range eggs, fresh sustainable oysters, chicken, and more.  The activities for kids that day included a girl scout booth, YMCA, pony rides, giant hamster ball, video game truck, and balloon animals.  There was also live music, craft booths, dessert booths, bakers, funnel cake, handmade soy candles and soap, and a half dozen food booths with tables and grass to sit at.  This was the opening weekend, so there was probably a little extra, but we will be back for more produce in the future.

“A New Farmer’s Market at Spring and Clark,” Long Beach Press Telegram, Nov. 15, 2010

The  other local Greater Long Beach farmers markets are as follows:
Cerritos Town Center
Saturdays     8AM – 12Noon
Park Plaza Drive & Park Plaza West, just north of the Performing Arts Center.  My Review: There is always an excellent selection of Asian vegetables.  The aisles are wide and parking is easy, as well as close to the 91 frwy and Bloomfield.  Just remember to have your own canvas bags; none of the vendors have plastic bags.  There are usually at least 2 or 3 organic vendors.  The prices are competitive at most of the vendors.  Booths usually include at chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs for balut, nuts, flowers, spouts, mushroom, exotic things like dragon fruit and sapote, nuts, landscape and succulent plants, seasonal fruits and vegetables, bakery products, and a half dozen prepared food vendors.  Until recently, this is my favorite farmers market.

Southeast Long Beach – the Marina
Sundays     9AM – 2PM
This market is held on the parking lot of the Alamitos Bay Marina, on E. Marina Dr  south of E. 2nd St, just west of Pacific Coast Hwy.  My review: I don’t like  this one because the narrow aisle is too crowded to comfortably stroll down, making it hard to walk with my kids without a good hold on them to avoid getting separated.  Parking and driving access is always a problem unless I get there early when it opens.  I avoid this farmer’s market if at all possible unless I absolutely can’t get to a different one.  Some of the vendors have premium prices.
Local Harvest Farmers Market
Marine Stadium
Appian Way and Nieto
Long Beach, CA 90803
Wednesday 3-7

Downtown Long Beach
Fridays    10AM – 4PM
The City Place.  North Waite Ct & E. 5th St, and on a small lot next to a parking structure, a block east of Pine Ave.  I have not attended this one in more than 2 years since regularly attending other markets listed here.  Therefore, I can’t give it a current review.

Uptown Long Beach – Bixby Knolls,
Thursdays     3PM – 6:30PM
Atlantic Ave & E. 46th St  (between Del Amo Blvd. and San Antonio Dr)

Long Beach Sunday Market, the farmers market at Longfellow School, 3800 Olive Avenue, in the Bixby area of town, just recently announced at the beginning of October, 2010, that they will be closing down.

There is another new farmers market currently in development, a Monday Market, in Hawaiian Gardens, West of the 605 Freeway on the south side of Carson Street across the street from the Hawaiian Gardens Casino.  However, the hours and opening date of this market have not been advertised so far.

There are other farmer’s markets I like, but they aren’t as conveniently located to us.  Two of them are the Wednesday Fullerton Farmer’s Market by the DMV on Valencia and Euclid in Fullerton and the Torrance Farmer’s Market on Crenshaw near the Fire Station on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

2 thoughts on “A New Farmers’ Market

  1. Hi Lianne,
    I am wondering if you know who to contact to put together a farmers market. I would like to get one in the 6th District in Long Beach or to have them for one day for a health fair?
    I am going to sign up for your BLOG. This is great information especially with them starting and stopping or moving!
    Thanks! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Jeff Friedman is the guy that started the farmer’s market on Spring and Clark. He is very friendly and helpful on the phone. My girl scout troop had a booth at the farmer’s market when it first opened and he was a pleasure to work with. Maybe he can point you in the right direction of who you should talk to about starting a farmer’s market, if even just for one day. I emailed you his phone number.

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