The Bantam Assortment

The Bantam Assortment

All the chicks arrived alive and well early this morning.  When I ordered over the phone on the day of shipment, I asked the hatchery if they could make a note that Cochins are my favorite breed.   I doubt most of Ideal’s bantam assortments are this Cochin heavy, but boy was I tickled when I saw how many Cochins they sent.  Here’s what showed up in my Ideal Poultry “Special” Bantam Assortment:

  • 1 Blue or Self Blue Cochin
  • 3 Black Cochins (one has a little more yellow, maybe it is a birchen)
  • 3 White Cochins
  • 7 Red and/or Buff Cochins.  These are always tough for me to tell apart
  • 1 Golden Laced Cochin
  • 1 Silver penciled Cochin
  • 1 Easter Egger, but it looks really big, like a standard, large fowl size chick
  • 1 Partridge Cochin
  • 2 Golden Sebright
  • 1 White Japanese
  • 3 Golden Duckwing Olde English
  • 2 Red Pyle Olde English? Or maybe  Buff Orpington Bantam?

I will post pictures of the ones I keep a little later.  For now they are all eating and drinking to make up for the time in transit.

Update: During the night Penguin adopted a half dozen of the chicks.

One thought on “The Bantam Assortment

  1. Update:

    I sold 20 of the chicks this weekend, and had more interested buyers than chicks. I kept a small variety for Penguin to nurture. In 6 weeks, depending on the number of pullets I end up with, I may have a few extras available.

    1 self Blue cochin
    1 buff cochin
    1 partridge cochin
    1 white cochin
    1 gold laced cochin
    1 Easter Egger

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