Guide to Backyard Chicken Coops and Tractors

Guide to Backyard Chicken Coops and Tractors

Best book on how to build a backyard chicken coop

Two weeks ago, I got an exciting package in the mail.  It was a backyard chicken coop construction book!  I know, I know, I already have a coop, why would I be excited?  Because… my coop was used for one of the chapters in it!  The publisher contacted me back during Girl Scout Cookie season in the Spring.  I was so busy then, I never got around to posting about working on the pages for the book.  I barely made the editor’s submission deadline.  It has my coop and 15 others, each with a project cut list, an owner’s bio, lots of photos, and detailed construction plans (much better than what I had complied myself on my blog.)  Both of the kids were delighted a photo they helped pose the chickens for was used as the main photo for our coop, plus my daughter’s coop murals were in it.  It is available at Amazon.

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