Kit Cat

Kit Cat

Our new cat, the “Kit Cat” clock

My kids sometimes consider my preference for vintage decorating, totally uncool.  Plus, if I was single,  I would surely become “a crazy cat lady.”  I have dropped numerous unsubtle hints over the last year that I would like a “Kit Cat” clock.  It combines my love for cats with my passion for retro details in our home.  I first pointed one out to the kids when they were watching the movie “Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore.” Lucky for me, the kids agreed that these clocks are cute and bought me one this year for my birthday.  It fits perfectly in with the era of our house, having been manufactured since 1932.  My son helped me mount it on the kitchen wall, and later that day, both kids brought friends over to show off clock with the wagging tail and rolling eyes.  I love it!  Furthermore, I especially like that the original Kit Cat clocks are still made by the same company since the 1930s and continue to be made in the USA.  How many products can I say that about now a days?  If you want one too, here is a link to their website:  Kit Cat Clocks  Thanks for the Happy Birthday, kids!

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  1. Hey Leanne, I found your site by accident doing a search on Yahoo but I’ll definitely be returning. As for your post… I must agree with a lot of what you’ve said

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