Naming the white chicken

Naming the white chicken

The white Cochin Bantam Pullet, THX1138, out foraging in the garden by the lemon tree

Back at the beginning of the school year, my 13 year old son took on the responsibility of caring for his own chicken.  Actually, he leased it with the option to buy.  I know it sounds weird; the post can be found here.  One of my conditions was he didn’t get to name it until the end of the lease period.  Toward the end of the lease, my daughter and I began offering all sorts of cutesie suggestions for white themed names for the pretty little white pullet.  Our favorites were Pearl (my personal favorite,) Snow White, Cotton, Snowy, and Snowball.  He didn’t want any of them.   Instead, he said he was considering names like “Halo or Attila the Hen.” My son announced recently he has finally chosen a name for his chicken… THX 1138.  What? Hgh?

It turns out that THX 1138 is the id number/ name of the storm trooper uniform Luke steals and wears in Star Wars episode 4.   Okay, my son is a smart-aleck; he did come up with a white themed name.  Storm troopers and clone trooper are usually white, and apparently THX 1138; and 1138, is used repeatedly by George Lucus throughout the Star Wars movies, Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and many other things, including the title of his first movie.

The hard part of me now is getting used to calling a chicken THX 1138.  How could I shorten that some how to a nick name?

Here is a pic of my son back at Halloween this year in his costume that we made out of craft foam and sweats.  I probably should have guessed back then that the name would be something Star Wars related.

My son in his homemade Clone Trooper Halloween costume 2011

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  1. Hi Lianne,
    My boyfriend showed me your blog and we absolutely love it! We are in our mid-twenties and just moved into a pre-civil war home in Wilmington, NC. We are starting our first garden and planting a small orchard. Your son sounds just like my 13 year old brother with the names and Star Wars themes…this past Halloween he built his own Boba fett costume much like your little Storm Trooper!

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