How do I deal with a yucky aphid infestation

How do I deal with a yucky aphid infestation

aphids, little black bugs, on a mexican flame vine
an aphid infestation on new growth on the Mexican flame vine

Well, it turns out, I actually need to deal with it by DOING NOTHING.

I was out weeding and deadheading on Wednesday afternoon and I was dismayed to find so many aphids on the new growth of my Mexican Flame Vine, Senecio confusus.  My first instinct was to start squishing or get out the high pressure hose nozzle! But after taking a closer look, the vine was also covered in newly emerged tiny lady bug larvae.  They discovered the problem before me and had already gotten to work on it.  If you have never seen a juvenile lady bug, they kind of look like creepy black and orange alligators.  There were dozens of them feasting on the aphids, with one on almost every leaf surface or stem that had aphids.  So, I did nothing, other than take a few icky pictures.  Part of having a healthy diverse organic garden involves stepping back sometimes and letting the good guys do the work nature intended.

Baby lady bug eating aphids on a mexican flame vine
Black and orange baby lady bug eating aphids on a mexican flame vine
Lots of lady bug larvae everywhere
The lady bugs larvae should have the aphid infestation on the Mexican Flame vine, Senecio confusus, under control within a few days

4 thoughts on “How do I deal with a yucky aphid infestation

  1. Lianne:

    What a GREAT story! Yes, let nature do it work! I LOVED your photos.
    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. I never knew what those bugs were. Amazing that those ugly little things become such a cute bug. Good to know. Aphids tend to attack my nasturtiums at times. I just pull the plant out as they reseed to readily.

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