Progress So Far and Decision Time: Laundry Room Counter Top

Progress So Far and Decision Time: Laundry Room Counter Top

My son had an extra day off from school and he helped out with a little bit of work on the new laundry room counter top.  First we cut and screwed down the plywood.  The next step was to measure, score, and snap the hardibacker board. That was the part I really needed his help.  I hope to get out to buy the tile this week and start setting it, but that means my hubby and I need to agree on a tile color.  He votes for plain old white tile to match the kitchen counter tops, but I really want something more vibrant and colorful, like mint green or Jadite green.  I collected more than a dozen samples of charming vintage kitchens with all sorts of color tile counters over the last month in hopes of swaying him to my way of thinking.  (That’s a different post.)  He seems to be warming up to the idea, but isn’t sold yet.  He is concerned, if I make the mudroom tile colorful, I will then want to change the kitchen tile.  He knows me pretty well after 25 years and he is probably right.  But due to our lack of extra home improvement funds, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.  Below are photos of where we are at in the laundry room / mud room project with a couple of the retro tile colors I hope to use on the counter.

white cabinets and green and black marmoleum floor
Prepping the counter top for new vintage tile
Hardibacker Board screwed down on top of plywood to form the base for the tile counter top. Hopefully the next time I show you this area it will be with pretty colorful tile.

2 thoughts on “Progress So Far and Decision Time: Laundry Room Counter Top

  1. Hi Erin,

    I look forward to seeing your new bathroom pics! And I totally agree, its the small details that’ll kill ya.

  2. The dark green for sure…need to contrast or it will be boring! Good luck! I am almost done with my “new” old bathroom using your specs as inspiration (thank you!) Will send you photos when I am done. The last, small details are what kill ya, right?


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