Making More Fig Trees – The First Step

Making More Fig Trees – The First Step

A week or two ago I started a few of my winter propagation projects.  I don’t really need more plants, especially trees, but the nerd in me likes to play Dr. Frankenstein every once in a while and try to clone things.  I am generally successful with the berries, grapes, salvias, alstromerias, geraniums, pelargoniums, and gallardias, but I have yet to try many other plants.  One of the easiest fruit trees to propagate is supposed to be figs, but since I have never tried cloning them, this is a bit of an experiment for me.  I was pruning back the Black Mission Fig tree so I decided it was as good of time as any to try propagating them.

sections of black mission fig.  It it important to keep track of which end is the growing tip

I cut the tips into about 8 inch sections, dipped them in rooting hormone, wrapped them in damp paper towels, and placed them in a zip lock bag.  Then the waiting began.  It has been about 10 days, so I checked them this morning and they have callused and have little bumps where the roots are starting to grow, or root initials. Once I notice that actual roots have developed I will move them to cups or 4″ little pots.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and I will report back whether or not I am successful.

The fig sections cut, wrapped, and bagged.

A excellent Fig website with a good photo tutorial and lots of details on how to propagate Figs is “Figs 4 Fun.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing your discovey of being able to use the Trader Joe’s lids on the canning jars. I have been buying the replacement plastic lids which I love to store things in the fridge, but are so expensive….. so, free or repurpose is wonderful. Thank you!

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