Repurposing a Leaky Lemonade Jar into a Homemade Terrarium

Repurposing a Leaky Lemonade Jar into a Homemade Terrarium

We have a really pretty lemonade jar; the only problem is, it leaks.  I have tried a few different things to deal with the leak, but eventually, it ended up stored hidden away in the cupboard and unused.  Rather than discard it, I decided this afternoon to make it into a  homemade terrarium.

repurposing an old jar into a terrarium
The finished homemade terrarium.

Here are the photos of making it…

leaky spout on lemonade jar fix
Glass Lemonade Jar with spout that leaks
broken spout on lemonade dispenser
I removed the spout from the lemonade dispenser
The Jar is now spout free
resuse leaky jar from lemonade for a terrarium for succulents
I pulled up the hole tightly with an old wine cork
improving drainage on the terarium
I added Perlite to the bottom to help with the drainage, but mainly because it would look pretty with some layers.
adding soil to the jar
The dog supervised while I added the potting soil.
supplies to make a terrarium
I topped it with some decorative moss.
cuttings of succulents added to glass jar
Next, I added some cuttings from B’s succulent garden.
cat posing with craft project
An added bonus is it is a cat proof houseplant now.

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5 thoughts on “Repurposing a Leaky Lemonade Jar into a Homemade Terrarium

    1. I have gotten lots of compliments on it from visitors to the house. I might have to keep my eyes peeled for similar items at yard sales. Maybe something like this would make a nice gift. Thanks for the idea.

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