Colorful Inspiration for the Laundry Room Counter Top

Colorful Inspiration for the Laundry Room Counter Top

I am sorry to report, we still haven’t completed our laundry room/ mudroom remodel.  It is usable, just not finished.  Home improvement projects around here kind of take a back seat to other more important things, like family, the kids’ extra curricular activities, the garden, or just the daily running of our home.  However, I am slowing moving ahead on the tile counter top. (Project update was added at the bottom of this post)

As you probably noticed from my other posts, I am a big fan of homes that still retain their original retro, vintage, or mid-century design elements.  Due to the many tile factories around the Southern California area, a large number of West Coast homes from the 1930’s through the 1960’s originally had tile counter tops in the kitchens and/ or bathrooms.  Most of these vintage kitchen tile counter tops pictures come from California real estate listings or home rental websites like Home Away and VRBO.  I recently showed this folder of photos that I collected to my DH, hoping to convince him that colorful vintage tile is totally awesome and white or beige counters are just plain boring.

Vintage yellow and burgundy tile kitchen counter
Yellow Formica counter top in 1940s California kitchen found at a vacation home rental. This would look good with my yellow dinette set in the kitchen
robins egg blue tile replaceent
Blue and white vintage 1950s kitchen in a Mission Beach vacation rental
beige and burnt umber brown counter top in a retro kitchen.
Cute blue and white kitchen with two toned blue ceramic tile counter top. This one has another cool original wall mount faucet and blue box cap tile work.
retro tile old fashion original green jadite tile
Green tile kitchen counter tops. I really like the green
Plain white tile in a 1940s kitchen. Althought this one is plain, I lke the classic look of this one.
Bright robins egg blue tile built in on side of a kitchen. Since I already did a blue and black bathroom, I probably won’t choose blue, however, I like the style of cabinets
white and green tile kitchen countertop replacemnet buy
I totally love the liner detail in the backsplash on the right side of this one. I hope to do something like this in the laundry room
Tile on a laundry sink counter top
Stacked washer and dryer next to a deep vintage laundry sink

Update Late Spring 2013: We installed the counter top shortly after this post was published, but I was too busy to post about it at the time. We settled on Jadite green and black with a black liner detail. One day, I hope to redo the kitchen counter tops to compliment it, but that is much further down the priority list. Our plain white tile is functional for now.

tile decision between different shades of green
The cabinet that will get a new counter top soon. We were deciding on the shade of green we wanted when this photo was taken
Mud ready for the surface of the counter top. I worked on the back splash at a later point.

2 thoughts on “Colorful Inspiration for the Laundry Room Counter Top

  1. “A cute beige and minty blue 1940s vintage kitchen with an antique stove.”

    that is the kitchen from lorelei and rory’s house in Gilmore Girls.

    1. Im writing this in November of 2018 – I don’t see this kitchen in the post. Where did it go? I’d love to see it!

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