Choosing a New Bare Root Fruit Tree – Spice Zee NectaPlum

Choosing a New Bare Root Fruit Tree – Spice Zee NectaPlum

low chill stone fruit socal
Pretty blossoms on NectaPlum hybrid Spice Zee

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be thinking about buying and adding more bare root fruit trees, since my yard is already crammed full, but it is hard to not collect one of everything, and even more so, after K shared some of her Spice Zee nectaplums last summer. Back in early July, K generously gave me a half-dozen Spice Zee fruits, even though she didn’t have much of a crop yet since the tree is only 3 years old. I cut the first few up, and they were gone in seconds. My normally easy-going kids, got into a shoving match over who got the few slices of the remaining fruits. I have never seen them act that way over fruit! I have tried a lot of different stone fruits at the local farmers markets over the years, and honestly, the Spice Zee was probably the best tasting stone fruit I ever tried. Usually the best tasting stone fruits need more chill than we have around here in coastal Southern California, but this nectaplum only needs about 300 chill hours, making it a good choice for a low chill fruit tree. The fruit looks like a white nectarine and the taste is sweet and rich. On top of the amazing taste, the tree is really pretty. It has purple-red leaves in the Spring, resembling a Flowering Plum a little bit, and turns green as the summer approaches. Spice Zee would make a good tree for guerrilla gardening and planting in a median strip because of its similar looks to flowering plum. It could probably go unnoticed until it was heavy with fruit.

Update July 2021: The only negative I can think of with SpiceZee Necta plum is it is a magnet for thrips. They often cause damage and scaring to the skin, but for a home gardener is should not be a big deal and it is mainly only cosmetic. It produces huge crops every single year since this was orginally posted.

review of spicezee
Spice Zee fruit on the cutting board, before the kids tried it and seconds before it all disappear.

Note: If you are looking for where to buy a Spice Zee NectaPlum, K’s tree was purchased locally at H & H Nursery in Lakewood, CA.

This is what the tree looked like when it was about a year old.

7 thoughts on “Choosing a New Bare Root Fruit Tree – Spice Zee NectaPlum

  1. Spice-Zee is low chill adaptable. I get fruit on mine every year in San Diego. The last two years have been 160 and 130 chill hours.The first few years weren’t really productive. It sets good crops once well established (3-5 year range).

    Your tree is small now but it is going to outgrow that area you have it in quickly. You will have to butcher it to keep it in that small space.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the tips. The photo of the tree was taken at my neighbor’s house when her spicee zee was younger. It is growing in a 10×10 or maybe 12×12 space. She did prune it a bit last summer after picking all the fruit, but nothing I would call butchering. So far, 5 years in, its pretty healthy and happy and was very productive last summer. It is on a dwarfing rootstock. However, I am not sure if she would know which one if I asked her. I’ll see if she’ll let me come by a snap a more recent photo. But thanks for the concern.

  2. How far inland in so cal do you live? I am considering a spice zee but live in santa monica. Any chance the spice zee produces fruit in my zone?

    1. Nevermind. I found your FAQ page. I am going for it! Spice Zee! *A beautiful tree if nothing else.

    2. Hi Josh, I am glad you found the info you needed on the Faq page. Best wishes for the Spicee Zee. It sure is a yummy fruit, and your right, it is pretty regardless of fruit.

  3. Love…………my Nectaplum tree!!! Bought it last year in a 5 gallon pot and it grew like crazy! Actually bought it for the beautiful leaves as there were no flowers so haven’t tasted any of the fruit. Planted it outside of our bedroom window and we are so glad that we did. This year it is the most beautiful thing that we have ever seen…..gorgeous pink flowers like the one in your picture and deep maroon-wine colored leaves! It is just starting to set on fruit so we are anxiously looking forward to tasting them!!

    We have 18 fruit trees in our backyard here outside of the Temecula wine country and the Nectaplum is by far our favorite simply because of it’s sheer beauty! We also have a Red Baron peach and you were smart to replace it with the beautiful Nectaplum.

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