Our Alternate Bearing Mandarin Orange Tree – Feast or Famine

Nestled in our backyard micro orchard is one of my favorite winter fruit trees, mandarin, that we planted in 2000.  At the time we planted it, my toddler son and I were going to two different farmers markets a week … Continue reading

Use It Up, Wear it Out, Make It Do…in the Garden

There’s a certain kind of fun in having the latest and greatest, but I’ve also learned that it’s often more rewarding to fix broken things, propagate, being resourceful, and making do rather than buying replacements or buying new.  This is … Continue reading

After Dinner Gardening

When my kids were little, I bought a odd gardening book from a used book store called The After Dinner Gardening Book, by Richard Langer.  I was curious, and had to buy it just to see if it had some … Continue reading

Frugal Gardening: Strawberry Daughters

As most seasoned gardeners know, one of the easiest plants to propagate is the strawberry. It is possible to make only a minimal financial investment and buy just few strawberry plants when getting a bed started, and within a matter … Continue reading

I just had to tell someone…

..out of the 100,000+ member pages at BYC, one of my pages was featured on the homepage of BackyardChickens.com today. When I started out with chickens 4 years ago, there were few resources promoting gardening methods to happily co-exist with … Continue reading

B’s Pickled Beets with Onions

People usually either love Pickled Beets or hate them. My daughter and I love Pickled Beets.  This summer B decided to plant beets just for pickling.  She planted Detroit Dark Red, mainly because we had three packets of them on … Continue reading

Tips for Gardening with Backyard Chickens

Having a nice yard and garden as well as eating fresh homegrown produce is something many of us enjoy, including backyard chickens. Here are some of my favorite gardening practices for keeping happy free range chickens and still having a … Continue reading

Big Jim Loquat

Loquats are one of the earliest fruits to ripen around here in the Springtime, usually around March and April, just before the first of the Baba Raspberries. Our Loquat tree is still pretty young, just having started its 4th year … Continue reading

Weird Egg

Have you ever gotten a weird egg? The first time we got one, it sure seemed bizarre.  If you keep chickens long enough, you are bound to eventually get one, too.   My neighbor came over and asked me last … Continue reading

How do I deal with a yucky aphid infestation

Well, it turns out, I actually need to deal with it by DOING NOTHING. I was out weeding and deadheading on Wednesday afternoon and I was dismayed to find so many aphids on the new growth of my Mexican Flame … Continue reading