New neighbors moved in today…Feral Bees

New neighbors moved in today…Feral Bees

Close up of the swarm that moved into the parkway Carob tree

It comes as no surprise to me, our quiet culdusac is invaded once again with a swarm of bees.  For years the home owner two doors down from me has tried to eradicate bees from his city park way tree.  He has tried everything from poison to stuffing the tree with steel wool, to filling it with spray expanding insulation.  Usually he or another neighbor calls the city and they send out an exterminator to kill the hive.  It is a real shame.  However, eventually a new swarm of bees will find the tree attractive for some reason.  I am unsure if it is the fact the tree is hallow from years of termites or if it is a smell thing.  As a gardener, I totally love it that they are there, but boy do the kids on the street freak out every time they notice the bees are back!  I am sure one of their parents will be calling the city to come back out before I know it.  Bummer, because bees are just what my kiwis, berries, tomatoes, and grapes could use right about now.  Well, other than posting the bees photo here, I am not telling anyone else on the block, including my own kids.  That way the hive can stay as long as possible.  If anyone knows a bee keeper looking for a new hive to capture, fire off an email to me.  Click here to see my video of this newest colony.

A view of the cloud of bees around the tree

3 thoughts on “New neighbors moved in today…Feral Bees

  1. Update:
    The owner of the house adjacent to the parkway tree approached me about the bees in the tree while I was out walking the dog two weeks ago. He said he called the city again, but this time they said they were NOT coming out. And, based on our conversation, it actually sounded like he is going to leave them there! Yeah! As of today, the bees are still busily pollinating the neighborhood.

  2. You could try calling the Backwards Beekeepers. Their bee rescue hotline is 213-373-1104.

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