I should not get attached to my chickens

I should not get attached to my chickens

“Chickens are farm animals, not pets.”  I should make myself repeat that 3 times a day until I convince myself of it.  But it is hard for me to keep that in mind. I enjoy having the hens follow me around the yard as I garden.  They come up and look to me for treats, just like the dog.  They come when I call them “chook, chook, chook.”  Penguin and Miss Prissy (formerly Greasy Chicken) both hop on my lap for attention when I sit outside with a cup of coffee.  It is really hard not seeing them as pets sometimes.

With most of the chickens I have raised and sold, once they go to new homes, they are gone and I rarely hear anything about them again.  Generally, I have not kept most of them long enough to get too attached, all except the Joey, Amber, and Cruella.  Amber is the hen I am holding in my profile photo on the about page of this blog.  Well, tonight I had an automatic email from an old thread at Backyardchickens.com that I started 2 years ago; it was about Joey and Amber.  It got me wondering how they were doing, and I decided to see if their owner, Michelle, had posted any new photos of them.  I liked that she posted photos of them getting adjusted to their new home last summer via twitter.  I guess I should not have gone looking at her website again…Amber was the victim of an urban raccoon.  I cried when I read it, especially since she included a copy of Amber’s 10 day old baby chick picture I gave her.  Amber was a good PET chicken.

Amber, the buff orpington, as a 10 day old baby chick, February 2009
Amber getting ready to kick the cat off her favorite perch in the yard
Amber getting into mischief. She decided to check out the view from the roof of the coop while all the other hens were good girls and went into roost for the night.

2 thoughts on “I should not get attached to my chickens

  1. I see Michelle Branch was the mom. Thats pretty dang cool! Sorry about your loss. She looked like she was so fun to have as a pet. 🙁 I feel your loss!

    1. Amber was a really fun pet. She was curious, friendly, and a favorite of the neighborhood kids. She was good at avoiding being caught, but once she was, she just relaxed in our arms and hung out.

      I had many responses to my ad for the chickens for sale. Michelle went by her married name when she contacted me, and she seemed like any other suburban mom based on our many emails back and forth. I didn’t realize who she was professionally when I first agreed to sell the hens to her family via email. It was only later that I realized she was a famous musician.

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